Beatriz Perez Gonzalez

Renting Facilities Only At Harley Street Consulting Clinics

Beatriz Perez Gonzalez

1st session £50 ( one hour and a half including consultation)
Follow up sessions £40 ( 60 minutes )
Note: if any nutrition is required that would be charged separately

Description of some of the services I offer doing Kinesiology
1-Food intolerance test
2-Mineral and Vitamins deficiency test
3-Neck, shoulder and back pain
4-Women's health ( including preparation for pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum)
5-Emotional stress release
6-Digestive problems

Description of the services that I offer doing Reiki
1-Relief of pain

30£ per session ( 60 minutes )

I also would like to introduce myself to the people looking on the website and just explain a bit about what I do... After being a nurse since 2000 I always being interested about the complementary therapies, I started with Reiki and I was fascinated about the results, specially with anxiety and tiredness. Few years later I study Kinesiology and that changed my life, after practicing with family and friends I saw I can change people's life and then I decided to start working and treating people who can get lots of benefits from it, Systematic kinesiology is a complete form of natural healthcare that access the body's innate wisdom to discover what is needed for healing, this is done with gentle muscle testing and it incorporates a wide range of natural techniques including: acupressure or lymphatic massage, nutrition, Bach flowers and lifestyle advice and changes. It looks at the person as a whole treating nutritional, emotional and energetic imbalances.

For Appointment:
Tel:07535502085 | 01234 247414