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There are certain medical conditions as detailed in which are incompatible with the practice of motor sports at any status of event. All applicants 18 years of age and over are required to complete an annual medical self declaration as to their medical fitness to compete in motor sports competition. If an applicant has not had a recent medical examination or they do not understand any part of the medical requirements set out here under they are strongly recommended to have an examination. At all times any decision as to fitness or unfitness to compete shall ultimately reside entirely with the MotorSport UK.

Access to Medical Reports Act 1988/Access to Personal Files and Medical Reports (Northern Ireland) Order 1991 (“the Acts”)/Access to Health Records and Reports Act 1993 (Isle of Man). All applicants for an International Competition License must pass a Medical Examination every year. International Competition Licenses incorporate a FIA Medical Certificate of Aptitude, and every 2 years for applicants under 45 a 12-lead electrocardiogram.

No Car, Truck, Kart (not Kart Clubman) Racing or International license will be issued until the Medical Examination Report, if required, has been completed, endorsed and signed by a doctor. In the event of any uncertainty as to whether or not the applicant satisfies the Medical requirements, the examination form should be signed by the doctor and should then be sent directly to the MotorSport UK’s Medical Section Administrator, with any additional information which may be of assistance.

Any fee charged for the medical examination is the responsibility of the applicant. This also applies to any additional reports and Specialist examinations requested by the MotorSport UK in connection with an application for a Competition Licence.
The following medical conditions may prevent the granting of a Competition License:
  • (a) Myocardial infarction. (Heart Attack)
  • (b) Myocardial ischemia. (Lack of blood supply to the heart e.g. Angina)
  • (c) Coronary artery by-pass surgery. (Heart Bypass)
  • (d) Coronary Angioplasty. (Stenting procedure)
  • (e) Valvular Disease of the Heart or other abnormal condition whether operated on or not.
  • (f) Severe hypertension which has given rise to cardiopulmonary problems.
  • (g) Any mental or behavioral disorders, past or present whether or not under treatment with drugs or therapy.
  • (h) Epilepsy, seizures or any other neurological conditions.
The medical examination should be carried out to a standard similar to that required for Life Insurance but with specific attention to the following:
A current written report of a stress related Electrocardiogram is required for all International license applicants 45 years of age and over.
A stress related ECG will be valid for two years and will need to be subsequently undertaken in respect of the license application in the third year.
The stress electrocardiogram shall be carried out to a symptom limitation on a motorised treadmill to a standard Bruce Protocol; an equivalent bicycle ergometric protocol is acceptable.
Recording is to be made in 12 leads, at rest, following hyperventilation, and for each minute of exercise and each of ten minutes of recovery.
Reason for cessation to be stated; report submitted must be by a specialist accredited in cardiology and signed by a consultant cardiologist.

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